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Michelle Croissant, Creative director

Michelle is a research assistant that focuses on genome integrity and replication stress in eukaryotic cells (think cancer) while completing her Master's Degree with a focus on molecular biology. She is also the Creative Director of Sophie the Blog and works in an orthopedic clinic. Michelle believes "fashion is an expression of who we are at our innermost core. It is the reflection of how we want to be seen in the world."  She is in pursuit of becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon and dreams of starting her own clothing line and biotech because after all, life is full of contradictions. Why not add a few to our professional lives? 

In her free time, Michelle can be found reading French classics, drinking ludicrous amounts of coffee, and reading cognitive neuroscience books.

Instagram: @mcroiss

Linkedin: taylor-croissant



Lisa Gallagher, Editor at Large

Lisa is a personal jeweler, calligrapher, and proud book club leader. With degrees in Studio Art and Music, she revels in finding new and creative ways to express herself and bring a little more sunshine to the world. What Lisa loves most about fashion is that it how can showcase your current mood and, sometimes, even have the power to change it. Lisa has always had a passion for literature, crafts, baking, and breakfast, so she and Michelle became very quick and very close friends.

When Lisa is not making futile attempts at yoga, she is most likely somewhere reading, enjoying beverages and trivia at local breweries, or inventing a new holiday to bring her very supportive friends and family together in ridiculous costumes.

Instagram: @eastofnantucket

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Sophie Croissant Haag, Muse

Our muse, looking picturesque as usual. Sophie was born on a warm summer day, August 11, 2013, and prefers to share her birthday party with her papa, James (though he is the 10th). As Leos, they are spontaneous and outgoing, with an unquenchable vivacity for life. Sophie has always loved a good sweater and feels that fashion can be both functional and form flattering (at least her harness needs to be). She also feels that there must be one accessory that defines you, such as her red tag so people know to call her Sophie, not that she needs any introduction. 

Sophie is available by appointment only. 

HR Croissant

HR Croissant, Chief Editor

HR is an associate instructional designer, which just makes her a glorified cut-and-paste artist for a biotech company. Science seems to run in the family, though it likes to fly over her head in spectacular fashion. She is transitioning over to more writing, self-publishing fiction and artwork. She also started the trend of pugs with the siblings and her two gremlins, Gizmo and Gadget, are there to show Sophie what's-what during family reunions.

She reminds you that your shoes should be brighter, bolder, louder and prouder than anything else you're wearing. Stomp your way into fashion!

Instagram: @hcroiss