Arcona Expiration Date

Arcona is a brand that I have been falling in love with over the past year. The focus has always been on using products that work without including preservatives or harsh chemicals that may work, but leave the skin unbalanced. The lack of preservatives means that most products have an expiration date, but Arcona makes all of their products in small batches to ensure that what you purchase in the store is as fresh as possible when you take it home. As you can see in this photo, they will still last up to a year or more, so you get plenty of use from each purchase. 

Here are a few of the products I have tried and fallen in love with!

Magic Dry Ice

Arcona Magic Dry Ice

I recently have been looking over all my skin care products and updating to my usual regimen for the winter months. While perusing my current items, I kept returning to this amazing skin moisturizer that I had last year: Arcona's Magic Dry Ice daily ultra daily hydrator. If you are like me, and get incredibly dry skin in the winter months, this moisturizer is the best that I have found to keep my skin healthy in the bitter cold. It was originally recommended to me the first time that I went to Valise Boutique and Apothecary in Saint Paul and had mentioned that I have such dry skin in the winter.

A few things that I love about this moisturizer are that it is light weight and it does what it is supposed to do all day long. I always feel that hydrating moisturizers in the winter are incredibly heavy and lead to break outs. This particular moisturizer does not weigh on the skin and is perfect in combination with other products without leading to overly oily skin. Despite its incredibly light weight feel, I have not had the problem of my skin cracking or appearing dry and tired during the day. You can stop into Valise and pick it up or you can click the link here

How I Use It: Once per day in the morning after washing my face and applying toner, before my foundation or any other make up. 

Peptide Eye Serum

While searching for Christmas presents this year, I happened upon a new eye cream which is perfect because the one I had been using was no longer working for me. I tend to sleep very little and survive on large doses of caffeine so regular eye creams were not working. However, being that I am under the age of 30, I am not ready to take the plunge to retinal based eye serums either (these lead to tired skin as you age if you start too young). Voilà: Arcona's Peptide Eye Serum. 

Arcona Peptide Eye Serum

While this was something that I had just happened to notice while searching for beauty kits, I decided to give it a try and have been incredibly pleased with the results. Like the Magic Dry Ice, it is incredibly light weight and easy to wear with the moisturizer without feeling too heavy. I tend to also wear concealer or highlighter under my eyes (again because I never sleep) so I love products that feel so light weight. The first day that I used this product, I already noticed a difference and have loved it every day since (I am only 10 days in but still in love). 

Rather than retinol to reduce lines and puffiness (these really are for collagen production but again, not when you are under 30), the peptide eye serum contains acetyl tetrapeptide-5 and coffee extract. The result is that your eyes are bright, non puffy and well hydrated. You can also pick this up at Valise or by clicking the link here

How I Use It: Once per day in the morning after washing my face and applying toner, usually before my moisturizer

Mandarin Brightening Peel

Arcona Purifying Mask

The third product that I have been using and loving is the Tea Tree Mask. This product was originally included with a bar that I purchased at Valise as a gift with purchase (like a year ago....) but I decided to give it a try and have loved it ever since. It is soft and sticky when you apply it but works wonders on the skin. In keeping with the above theme, it is incredibly light weight yet moisturizing. It is meant to be cleansing and purifying while reducing break outs and calming the skin. Nonapeptide-1 and sepiwhite help to even your skin tone with gluconic acid exfoliates the skin. The overall effect is brighter, cleansed skin.

You can purchase the new version of this mask at Valise or here

How I Use It: Twice per week for 5-15 minutes before I shower

Arcona is a brand that I happened upon because I wandered into a new store (Valise) but it has become one of my favorite skin care brands. I love it so much that I have given it to friends as Christmas presents (and there is a small set on sale at Nordstrom for $20 so it is the perfect time to give it a try). If you are looking for some amazing new products that are incredibly light weight, definitely give Arcona a try!! 

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