THROWBACK THURSDAY: Lisa Leaves for Her Honeymoon

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Lisa Leaves for Her Honeymoon

Lisa is currently on what has to be the best honeymoon ever (it certainly looks like it from the photos) touring Italy and France. Before she left, we took the time to review the best way to pack all of your lovely clothes before they are stuck in the bottom of a plane or overhead compartment for 8 hours. 

First, we need some supplies. Tissue paper, garments hangers, and garment bags are all your friends. If you do not have hangers, that is totally fine. They are not going to fit well in all suitcases and certainly may be difficult in small carry on or overnight bags. We want to protect all of our clothes and make sure that they are picture perfect when we land in our destination. The tissue paper and the garment bags will ensure just that. 

Packing Supplies

For clothes that are bright, like this yellow blouse, we can wrap them in the tissue paper to make sure that the color does not transfer. Fold the item nicely and wrap it in tissue paper. Tape the edges of the tissue paper so that you can ensure that it stays closed when your items move while traveling. You can even follow along in this slideshow for a tutorial!

Once you have the all of the brightly colored shirts wrapped up, they are ready to go in the suitcase. What is really nice about the tissue paper, even though it is tedious to do, is that you can be sure that white shirts will not be red and the yellow won't bleed to the other colors. In the picture below, I would never worry about having white shirts between blue and red and yellow because I know the tissue paper is going to keep them more color safe. Side note, for some reason I also feel like they smell less when you arrive. Whether that is true or just something I tell myself, well, I feel like Lisa will have to let me know when she returns from her fabulous vacation. 

Shirts in Tissue Paper

For clothes that are longer, like dresses or formal trousers, blouses, or blazers, a garment bag will offer additional protection for the piece and can be used when you arrive to your destination. They serve 2 purposes but they do also take up additional space so be cognizant if you are working with a small carry one bag, it may be difficult to pack in a garment bag. 

Since I shop frequently and make clothes, I tend to have a lot of garment bags just laying around. If you do not normally keep them, try to save them when you purchase coats, dresses, or business wear because they can be so handy when traveling. 

Now that we have all of our beautiful clothes packed, it is time for the toiletries and make up. After all, I am sure we all travel with a full baggy to the airport filled with our lotions and potions and another bag filled with our make up supplies. For this trip, we included only the necessities: blush, daily moisturizer, body lotion, a highlighter powder, tinted moisturizer, and a nude lipstick. She is going on her honeymoon and that will definitely make her look radiant enough. No need for all of the extras. If you are going to more formal events or require additional supplies, it is still a good idea to invest in a nice toiletry bag. They are useful to keep all of your items in one place when you are away from home. 

For the skin care products, I like to get samples of the lotions that I use and they are the perfect size for travel. I adore the Kheil's ultra moisturizer and grabbed a few extra samples for Lisa to use when traveling. They are only one ounce so they take up minimal space yet still somehow last one month. It is like literal magic in a tiny jar. 

Obviously, you are also going to need all of your accessories to make those outfits sing when you are on a day out. Small jewelry pouches come with a lot of the pieces that you buy from a jeweler (not so if it is fashion jewelry, that is usually attached to cardboard). Whenever you do invest in some jewelry, save the pouch for later use when you are traveling. If you have more Jewelry than this, you can also by a roll (show at the bottom) that will protect your jewelry from scratches or damaging. That is the whole idea with the pouches as well. We do not want any additional scratches or damage to the pieces. Jewelry should look worn from being loved and used, not scuffed from being shoved in a suit case or pocket. 

Once you have everything safely stowed in its respective pockets, tissue paper, or garment bags, gently place everything in your suit case. I usually put the pants and more durable items on the bottom, followed by the tissue paper pieces, and the garment bag on top. You can then throw in your toiletries, beauty supplies, books, and other items needed for the trip and voilà, all packed and ready to go!

Using all of the tops above, you can ensure that everything will arrive looking beautiful and in the best possible condition. I always feel like I really love the clothes and pieces that I buy and I want to make sure that I take the best care of them possible. That being said, I also travel frequently to visit family, friends, or conferences so I need to make sure all of my pieces stay picture perfect at all times. 

Below is a few travel pieces that we really like and would recommend. Peruse through some of our favorites (you can click on them to find places where you may purchase them, I did all the hard work for you already) and refer back to this post when you are off living your jet setter lifestyle. 


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