MENS POST: Do Better

MENS POST: Do Better

J Crew Gingham Shirt


Ok guys I'm sick of seeing the same shirts on all of us. I know its hard. I don't like spending an hour looking for shirts either, but we need to all stop getting the same J. Crew shirt. It is getting ridiculous.

Go to HammerMade, a store founded in my favorite and home state Minnesota. HammerMade shirts are unique, fun, use great material, and are a great fit. There edge is they only release a finite amount of each pattern. Then it's done and on to the next print or style. They release new shirts weekly to keep the store fresh and new with each visit. Now you don't have to worry about being on someone's Instagram feed for wearing the same boring blue checkered shirt again and again. (hint: its the above pictured Instagram feed). 


Merkur Classic Mens Razor

Guys, if you have to do it (which I recommend you don't) go for the best and use "Harrys Razors" they are a smooth but close shave... and I'm messing with you. Don't, please, for the love of God, stop with Harry's, dollar shave, Gillette, all that nonsense. All of it is the same. All of it is expensive. More blades is not better. It just irritates your skin. The amount of blades we use now is ridiculous. In 2004, The Onion did a parody article on a 5 blade razor, which you can read here. SNL did their first parody commercial on how ridiculous razors were getting with a 3 blade razor. 5 is somehow now the standard for razors.

This is what I use. 25 bucks. boom. That's it. One blade. Best shave I have ever had. But what about replacement blade you say? Thats how the get you. Ahhhh you got me. What are we going  to do now? Well shut-up for one second  and look at this. It's a 100 blades for 10 bucks. There you go. Now my wife will probably edit this away so heres one more screw you for not believing me (unless you did. Thank you so much no one has ever believed in me).

Also, look for a post on shaving. I can teach all you out there how to properly tear out that hair.


I have to many friends with jobs way better than mine still buying all their shoes from Target. Don't get me wrong, I love target as much as the next red blooded American but I don't want to have to replace worn down shoes every six months. If you're buying your dress shoes for 20-50 dollars at a Target, Macys, Kohls, or Walmart those things are going to last you half the year. Then you have to replace those uncomfortable monstrosities again and again. You are throwing away your money. Plus they look terrible.

Allen Edmonds Oxfords

I love my Salvatore Ferragamos and Santonis but my go to shoes are not those immaculate Italian slippers. They are my Allen Edmonds; a shoe made right here in America (Unless you're reading this overseas which in that case, wow hey thanks for reading my wife's blog. She's going to be stoked). Allen Edmonds are introductory level high end shoes and boots the will run you on average $300-$700. I know "$700 Introductory! are you crazy?!"  First of all yes, but listen. These shoes will last your entire life if you take care of them. You'll be giving them to your children, and they to their grandchildren. I'm also going to tell you a secret on how to get these shoes cheap. Etsy. Simply put in your size and Allen Edmonds every month or so and you'll be swimming in deals

I have shoes worth hundreds of dollars I paid $40 for. Some of these shoes are older than me. Hell some are older than my father, but they last and they look brand new. Instead of spending $600 on shoes every 3 years buy a few pairs that will last your life.


Look for my guide on how to polish and maintain your shoes coming soon.

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