Once you have the perfect hat and are using sun screen, you need sun glasses. Besides the obvious effect of looking stylish, sunglasses have many other added benefits. For one, they keep the sun out of your eyes while driving. I actually tend to only use my sun glasses when driving and they are truly a lifesaver in the spring and summer months. I would not otherwise be able to drive home without crashing into 12 different things. 

The other benefit is that they also can protect your eyes from damage due to the sun. UV radiation has been previously shown to cause an increase in cataracts. The use of sunglasses with UV protection prevents the formation of cataracts as well as keeping the blinding rays out of your eyes. 

Of course, choosing sun glasses can be a difficult prospect. Many of us have heard time and time again that you need to chose sun glasses that fit your face shape. Well, just as we do not adhere to the adage that you need to choose certain clothing styles to fit your body shape, we are not buying that you need to choose a specific sun glasses type to fit your face. And Vogue agrees with us.    

Lisa and Derek Sunglasses

When looking for sun glasses, try all of them on. Have you thought you could not pull off aviators? Maybe you just have not found the pair that suits you best. Try a lot of them on and pick the ones that you like best. No matter what, if you wear them with confidence, they will look perfect. 

With that in mind, here are a few of our tips (and a few we borrowed from the American Academy of Ophthalmology) to help you choose the right sun glasses regardless of their shape. 

Sunglasses on the table

Choose based on UV Protection

Many of the sunglasses that are available do not block 100 percent of the UV radiation we experience. Make sure that you look for a sticker on the pair that you are purchasing that indicates they block 100 % of UV radiation. Your eyes will thank you for it later. Likewise, larger sunglasses are going to provide better protection for more of your eyes and face than smaller sunglasses will. 

Choose a Color You Like

Sunglasses by front flowers

It is not going to make a difference in how well they protect your eyes so you might as well choose a pair that is stylish and that you like. There are some common myths that darker lenses will protect your eyes better from UV radiation but that is not true. The same with lenses of various colors such as amber, green, or blue. If they are marked that they block 100 % of UV radiation, then that is all the matters. Everything else is a fashion statement and as we said before, chose what you love and what makes you feel like your most authentic self. 

Polarized Lenses Are For Sports, Not Safety

They do not increase the amount of UV protection. Polarization reduces the glare from reflective surfaces such as water. They are useful if you are participating in sports or driving, but they are not going to keep you any more protected than regular sun glasses. I really only think they look right on aviators or sports sunglasses, but if that is what you like, then you do you. 

Take a look at a few of our favorite sunglasses picks below and click the photo for information on where to shop all these lovely frames! 

Round Frames

Square Frames

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