WHAT WE'RE WEARING: Transitional Wear

WHAT WE'RE WEARING: Transitional Wear

With the changing seasons, it becomes more and more important to find clothing that bridges both the easy summer vibes and the warm cozy nature of fall. I often find that when fall comes, I am drawn towards warm sweaters and oversized scarfs but it is not yet cold enough to warrant those delightful pieces. Instead, we need to find amazing outfits that work for both seasons. 

Here are a few pieces that love to wear in September as it is starting to cool off but still gets up to 75 - 80 degrees in the evening. 


Red is the perfect color to make the transition from summer to fall. We all know how millennial pink is going strong but red is a bit more autumnal while still being bright and colorful. I have a number of red dresses and pants that I love. A dress with the ruffles is perfect to wear to the office and then to wear for a date night. 

If you are looking for something a little bit more dramatic (like for fashion week), try for something with a more interesting hemline or in a shinier material. It feels much more chic and can be easily accessorized with silver or gold to really make a statement. 

If you are looking for more day to day wear, a great pair of red pants can be an easy addition to your wardrobe. They can be paired with a muted white shirt or a fun sweater for school or work. 

Cozy Sweaters

Cozy sweaters are the best part of a fall and a nice version that you can layer makes for perfect transitional wear. Wearing a chic cashmere sweater may seem like a wonderful idea and if it is cooler outside, it is a wonderful idea. However, if it is 45 when you leave in the morning and 75 when you return home, that cashmere sweater is going to get awfully warm. Opt for one that is easier to layer, such as a large comfortable cardigan. Alternatively, you could find a simple pullover that is easy to layer with a button down or shirt underneath. It is all about versatility. 

Your S.O.'s Shirts

It is no secret that we love to borrow from our partner's closet and it is one of the easiest ways to get comfortable yet stylish shirts. I roll the sleeves up when it is warmer and cuff them at my wrists when it is cooler. It almost doubles my shirt options in the morning which is also wonderful! I chose this lovely pink version for one of our (many) breakfast meetings but the options are truly endless.

S.O. Shirt

For those that follow the blog frequently (we love you!!!) and you may remember that I wear my husband's shirts frequently, such as posing with our chicken Brigitte. I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to raid your S.O's closet. It really adds a lot of versatile options. 

Chicken + SO shirt

Another great option to wear this outfit is to a sports game. In this photo, we had met up at a Twins game at Target Field. I was warm and stylish once the sun went down. 

SOs shirts twins game

These are just three ideas for fall transitional wear but there are so many other staples that are important to have for this season. Check out our What We're Loving page for a few of the pieces that we adore when making the transition from summer to fall by clicking here

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