I was recently looking at some designer sale pieces for my mother and discussing the risks and benefits of owning pieces like these that require more care. During the course of our discussion, I mentioned that I do not typically dry clean my clothes. Instead, I use the Laundress products and do my laundering at home. Not only does it save money, but it smells amazing and keeps my clothing in tip top shape. 

I was first introduced to The Laundress products by Patric at Mona Williams, a man more in love with laundry than anyone I have ever know.  He once mentioned his obsession with an ironing board that costs thousands. Either way, his love of these products is truly a commendation they deserve. I bought them as gifts for friends for birthdays and for Christmas this year. Everyone has loved the subtle scent of the darks detergent and the truly "clean" smell of the cashmere scrub.

When you are looking to restock your laundry detergents, here are a few products that we recommend.  

Darks Detergent: 

This is the perfect detergent for all of your darks and colors, as it says in the name. It has a distinctly clean smell that to me, smells like heaven. I love that it is not ocean breeze or a strong lavender scent. It just smells clean and fresh. It is also incredibly color safe which is perfect for all of those cigarette pants you want to stay truly black. Use 0.5 oz per load of laundry. 

Whites Detergent:  

This is for your lights. It whitens whites and it brightens lighter colors. Like the darks detergent, a little bit goes a long way and one bottle can do up to 64 loads (according to their website). I tend to be relatively liberal with detergents when I am washing whites so mine does not last this long. It even has the same incredible smell of the darks detergent.  

Delicate Wash:  

This is the detergent you buy to use with all of your silks, rayons and synthetics instead of taking them to the dry cleaner every time you need to remove a little bit of perspiration or oil. Always handwash in a wash basin for very delicate items and be careful if they have non color safe dyes in the fabrics. You can do a water test first to determine if they are not color safe. This is also useful if you have textured silks that may not wash well with this method. 

For wool and cashmere, use the wool and cashmere detergent instead of the delicate wash. This version has an amazing cedar scent.The same method can be used as for the delicate wash either by hand or in the machine. If there is excess odor, you can pre wash in scented vinegar and cool water for 30 minutes. 

To wash at home, add two capfuls of delicate wash to a basin filled with cool water. Submerge your garment in the basin and agitate the water gently for a few minutes. Let set for 30 minutes and rinse with cool water. Lay flat to dry. 

Delicate Spray.jpg

You can also use a machine set to delicate, cold water and low spin. Turn your items inside out to protect the outer fabric surface and place them in a bag, such as the mesh washing bag. Add a capful of the delicate wash and run the cycle. When it is finished, lay flat to dry.

You can also hang dry these pieces but whatever you do, do not put them in the dryer. Steam to reduce wrinkles after laundering.  

The Laundress also recommends a few other products for the tougher to remove stains or to use between washings. For stains, use the stain solution for old or set in stains as well as coffee/wine etc type stains. Use the wash and stain bar to remove oily or greasy type stains. Use the delicate spray between washings to keep everything looking and smelling fresh. 

For each of the items, you can click the photo or the text for where to purchase! 

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