WHAT WE'RE WEARING: Lanvin Loafers

WHAT WE'RE WEARING: Lanvin Loafers

We love all things crafted with quality and the heritage of the House of Lanvin is synonymous with quality and Parisian elegance. The house was founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin after the birth of her daughter (you can read even more about it here). Needless to say, Lanvin has historically been one of my favorite fashion houses.

Lanvin Loafers

 In January, I purchased these amazing Lanvin loafers. Made of a soft leather and lined with the same supple material, they are soft and incredibly comfortable. The patent detail over the top adds some extra shine to the shoe which I adore. 

One perfect feature of these shoes is that they are comfortable to wear yet still stylish like ballet flats. Worn with tights and a black skirt or dress, they blend in perfectly for an elegant, business appropriate look. They also have a soft elastic fit around the heel so they do not slide around yet have enough motion to fit your foot well while you walk. 

Lanvin Loafers with dress

For day to day wear, I typically pair them with my high waisted Zara or Topshop pants and a great cashmere sweater for winter.  It is like a simple uniform to wear every day. It works perfectly for my lab work, where I need to have long pants and closed toes shoes, is amazing for class and still elegant enough to wear when I go out later in the evening. I typically add my Chanel brooch to the belt loop of my pants for a little more decoration, but the shoes still pair perfectly well with everything. 

When I want to be more dressed up, I wear an amazing dress, like this version from Mona Williams and opaque black tights (since it is the winter and I also need to be warm in the cold Minnesota climate). With a great jacket, like this sport tweed version from Zara, it is the perfect outfit to take from a boardroom to an art gala meeting. You can see another practical dress application in the above photo, taken form when I was working. I mentioned they were perfect for work right?

Lanvin Loafers detail

One thing I have noticed is that they have a softer sole and while this makes them incredibly comfortable, they do slip quite easily on ice which can be problematic in the winter in Minnesota. They also show ice easily like most shoes here in the bold North but they are easy to clean with a damp cloth. I do worry about the salt ruining the leather so I try to clean them as soon as I take them off when I get home.

Overall, these shoes have been an amazing investment and were well worth their money. They are so comfortable and the perfect shoe to wear after a day spent in heels. When I need to get a lot of things done and walk every where, they look incredible with all of my outfits and still keep my feet so so so happy. 

While this version is no longer available, here are a few other loafers that we are loving that you can still purchase. Click the photo for more information. As always, you can also watch for upcoming collections from Lanvin because they frequently make variations on this shoe and it is an incredible buy. 

Sophie is on a brief hiatus

Sophie is on a brief hiatus